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We have sent out invoices for all winning bidders. Please look for an email from - if you won and haven't received an invoice yet, please send us a note at Thank you!

Where will you go today?, with the generous help of Umpqua Bank of San Jose, is hosting an art gallery showcasing many artists and illustrators. Some are well established in the industry, some are just starting out, and some, like us, just draw for fun. Some pieces are a generous donation from an existing body of work, some are sketches of a favorite scene from a book, and all show the endless places we can visit through the power of reading and imagination.

All artwork will be auctioned on eBay, and all proceeds will go to Ethiopia Reads to help fund a library in Gondar, the Solomonic capitol of Ethiopia, and to fund training for a librarian.

Thanks to everyone who came to the gallery opening! The gallery will remain at the San Jose Umpqua Bank location until Monday, August 4th. Auctions will run until 8PM on Sunday, August 3rd 10th (extended due to popular request). (As an option, you can also donate directly through Ethiopia Reads!)

Help us help kids read!


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Yoga Mom
By Abby Carter

The Giver
By Aldo Kcomt

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
By Alessia Girasole

Blossoming Impression
By Alex Forester

Little Native
By Alex Forester

Alice in Wonderland
By Andrea Pereira

By Anh Nguyen

By Anne Kennedy

The Old Man and the Sea
By Bethany O'Hoyt

The Count of Monte Cristo
By Catharina Sukiman

Hunger Games
By Chris Sanchez

Under the Sea
By Daniel Griffo

Ilsa's Library
By Danielle Case

Liesel's Low, Leisurely Library
By Danielle Case

The Shoulder Shrug
By Danielle Case

Riddles in the Dark
By Danny Trang

One Hundred Dresses
By Diem Doan

By Edgar Hernandez

Little Mermaid
By Gabriele Tafuni

Harry Potter
By Geng Li

Hard-Boiled Wonderland
By Geoffrey Shih

The Great Gatsby
By Gizelle Orbino

Hansel and Gretel
By Ilana Exelby

Owl and Pussycat
By Ilana Exelby

Storytime At Midnight
By Jannie Ho

Painted Lanterns
By Jennifer Zivoin

Peter Pan
By Jomike Tejido

Always In His Shadow
By Jonas Winterborn

The Book Thief
By Jonathan Chu

Tuesdays With Morrie
By Jonathan R. Apilado

The Princess Who Never Smiled
By Joy Chen

Rooting For Gryffindor
By Kevin Truong

By Macky Pamintuan

The Owl and the Pussycat
By Margeaux Lucas

Sherlock Holmes: 221B
By Marty Jones

Sherlock Holmes: Deep In Thought
By Marty Jones

Red Riding Hood 1
By Mattia Cerato

Red Riding Hood 2
By Mattia Cerato

Have A Carrot
By Migi Oey

I Will Fly All Day
By Migi Oey

This Is George
By Migi Oey

Violet's Wedding
By Mimi Nguyen

By Monica Gutierrez

Red Riding Hood
By Olga and Aleskey Ivanov

Three Wise Men
By Pamela Klibo

View of Anacapa Island from the Ventura Beach
By Pamela Klibo

Bridge to Terabithia
By Patrick Khachi

Maggie and Maddy
By Peter Francis

The Man From Chicago
By Peter Le

Postcards from Esio Trot
By Samia Khalaf

Before You Were Here, Mi Amor
By Santiago Cohen

From The Far East
By Sean Whitemore

"Little" Red Riding Hood
By Sean Whitemore

Honey Bear
By Tammy Lyon

By Tiphanie Beeke

Hansel and Gretel
By Tracy Bishop

The Ebony Horse
By Valentina Belloni

San Francisco Babies Know Their Shapes
By Violet Le May

Turnip Flat
By Virginia Allyn

By Viviana Garofoli

County Fair
By Zoe Wu

Creating Narnia
By Zoe Wu
A heartfelt thank-you to all the artists for donating their works of art! Each of you has taken us on a unique journey with you, through your imagination and interpretation of words on a page. And without you, there would be no gallery!

Special thanks to:
Daniel Kim at Umpqua Bank - An extraordinary banker, and a visionary and encourager who has helped implement from project inception.

Umpqua Bank

Mela Bolinao at MB Artists - Donation of artwork. A generous giver who was willing to support the dreams children may have.

MB Artists

Keith Emerson at Lightning Press - Donation of high quality prints. Thanks for being so quick and willing to contribute to our project!

Lightning Press

Peter Le - Designer of awesome promotional posters!

Peter Le